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Why Tivedo?

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Why Choose Tivedo?

Tivedo is designed for those responsible for the company’s digital campaigns. With Tivedo, you gain access to a tool that enhances the effectiveness of your campaigns, minimizes time consumption, and boosts ROI while ensuring compliance with the applicable GDPR regulations.

Tivedo means I can see you.

When promoting a product, service, or seeking to enhance your company’s visibility, it is crucial that many eyes see your messages and most importantly, the right eyes!

This is why you can tailor your target audience with the Tivedo tool, ensuring that your campaign captures the attention of the right people.


At Tivedo we can assist you making sure that you get best value for money. If you aim to achieve high targeting across relevant media channels, combined with superior data quality and best conversion rates, we are the right team to support you.

We understand that this is of utmost importance when promoting your company’s services/products or enhancing brand awareness.

It is essential for us to assist you in reaching your target audience and desired media platforms in the easiest and most straightforward manner. Based on this premise and our expertise within the industry we established Tivedo.