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Are you a professional media buyer working at an agency?

Tivedo helps you run cross-media campaigns in an easy, fast and manageable way for your customers.

With just a few clicks you can target your customers preferred audiences on the most relevant media platforms, whether it’s on the largest media websites or social media platforms.

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Gain access and save money.

Tivedo has a mission to provide access to precise target audiences, robust media platforms, and sophisticated optimization processes for all agencies and businesses.

It is a simple, fast, and easy solution that creates the perfect campaign overview.

You no longer need to enter cost-heavy agreements to gain access to complex systems. Tivedo handles the processes for you – all at a fixed, affordable monthly subscription price and a fixed fee.

With Tivedo you get access to a digital campaign tool that enhances the effectiveness of your clients campaigns, minimizes your used time, increases ROI, and ensures compliance with the applicable GDPR regulations.

Ready to get access to Tivedo?

Managing materials and campaigns across various media platforms, optimization, customization, execution, and reporting can be challenging and complex.

Tivedo has simplified the process for you, providing a comprehensive overview of ALL your activities. We have streamlined the campaign creation procedure which is often very complex and complicated.

Tivedo takes care of most tasks for you – completely automated.

We are confident that you will find Tivedo to be an easier, better and more straightforward solution. Currently we offer free of charge onboarding to get you started!

Within just a few days your new account can be ready and onboarding sessions planned.


Tivedo Agency access.

Med en bureau-adgang får du adgang til et unikt administrationssystem, hvor du kan styre alle kampagneaktiviteter på tværs af egne kunder.

Du får blandt andet adgang til:

– Ubegrænsede kundeoprettelser
– Kampagneopsætning på tværs af kunder
– Udvidet statistikværktøj
– Rapporterings- og performanceløsninger

Du kan definere spend/fee på kundeniveau og dermed sikre bedst mulige ROI.

With agency access, you gain entry to a unique administration system, empowering you to manage all campaign activities across your own clients.

You will have access to:

– Unlimited client creations
– Campaign setup across clients
– Unlimited client creationsv
– Reporting and performance solutions

You can define spend/fee at the client level, ensuring the best possible ROI.

Bureau vækstgraf


More than 7 million display views and over 30,000 clicks in 2022

More than 13 million Facebook views and over 200,000 clicks in 2022

Additional advantages with Tivedo Agency

One agency – many clients

Tivedo Agency provides an unparalleled opportunity to establish an extensive roster of clients. You will retain complete autonomy in client management, allowing you to define spend/fees at the client level.

The incorporation of multiple client setups incurs no supplementary expenses. Furthermore, you can grant personalized access to individual clients, furnishing them with campaign overviews and statistics, thus enabling them to monitor the performance of their campaigns.

Effortlessly acquire comprehensive insights encompassing all your clients’ undertakings and generate consumption reports for potential invoicing purposes.

Service og support

Agencies always have a direct Danish contact at Tivedo, ready to assist.

Additionally, you can chat with us via the Tivedo chat, which offers extended service hours. Here, skilled Tivedo personnel are available to help you with any questions or challenges, such as campaign insertions.

We do this to streamline the processes and save you from being an intermediary in technical challenges or practical inquiries.

Financial Benefits

Tivedo has chosen to enter the market with a unified subscription solution for all under Tivedo Agency. All clients pay the same subscription per month and, as a baseline, receive access to the same system capabilities.

The subscription price is competitively low compared to the market. Additionally, we work with three fee billing models to ensure simplicity and transparency.

Your subscription provides access to over 275 data target groups, media packages, client administration, streamlined booking processes, and comprehensive statistics.



How are Tivedo campaigns performing?

When analyzing the overall market for programmatic Display advertising in Denmark, the click-through rate (CTR) stands at 0.16%.

Tivedo presents an array of Display packages, including the esteemed Danish Media Top 100 package. On average, our Display campaigns achieve a CTR of 0.49%.

Facebook’s CTR varies across campaigns, driven by its proprietary algorithm. Nevertheless, CTR has demonstrated a favorable progression, reaching 1.43% in 2022, surpassing the market average of 0.90%.

Throughout the campaign-period, Tivedo optimizes campaigns, prioritizing both impressions and clicks to yield optimal results.


Tivedo ensures that your messages reach your target audience across some of the largest media sites and social media channels in Denmark.

Based on quality data, Tivedo creates high targeting and retargeting across media channels, utilizing geography, demographics, behavior, and interests.

Tivedo exclusively collaborates with reputable and professional data providers, both nationally and internationally recognized for delivering quality data.

The ambition is to create the market’s strongest digital marketing platform, always updated according to consumer behavior and choices of digital media channels. This is supported by contemporary quality data, allowing Tivedo to generate value and visible results for our users.

Why choose Tivedo?