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Your messages across Denmark's largest media sites and social media.

Presenting an overview of the media channels available for you to get your messages out

Display Danish Media Sites

With a display campaign you have the opportunity to reach unique target audiences across Denmark’s largest media sites.

Only your selected target audience will see the campaign and your messages will be presented whether they are reading news, checking travel plans, football results or searching for good recipes.

Under “Target Audiences” you can gain valuable insights into your options and the size of different target groups.

When setting up a new campaign you can choose to aim for a wide audience group on many medias or e.g. potentially narrow it down to a more business-oriented target audience if your messages needs to be tailored to the business-to-business segment.

Your primary focus should be on reaching the most relevant target audience.
If they are active on any given website your message should be presented.
That is also why we have combined 100 of the biggest media websites in one group for you to pick. Tivedo will make sure that only the picked audiences will see your campaign.

Media Sites in the Network

Additional media sites in the network:

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Facebook network

88% of Denmark’s population has a profile on Facebook. 80% has a profile on Messenger and 50% has a profile on Instagram.

Therefore Facebook campaigns are executed on all three channels simultaneously.

Tivedo is a Meta Business Partner

LinkedIn logo


With approximately 2 million Danish users LinkedIn is a relevant source for your messages if you need to target audiences within the business-to-business segments.

Your campaign will be presented with your own company profile as the sender and you can choose the most relevant LinkedIn target groups when creating your campaign.

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Contact us if you have suggestions for new target groups.

Our ambition is to create the market’s strongest digital marketing platform. Always updated in accordance with consumer behavior and target group preferences. This is supported by up-to-date quality data, enabling Tivedo to provide value and visible results for our users.

We continuously tailor Tivedo to meet the specific demand in the market and we are willing to develop and create target groups that align precisely with your company’s needs.

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any desires or proposals for new target groups you wish to access through Tivedo. Click on “Book demo” and write to us.