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Tivedo has helped over 100 businesses with their marketing campaigns. Gain access to our unique digital campaign platform designed to streamline your client management and simplify campaign procesess.


Tivedo Agency Subscription.

Included in subscription:

  • Full access to Tivedo Agency through unique digital campaign tool
  • Free onboarding
  • Customer service assistance
  • Access to chat support
  • Fixed low monthly subscription price
  • Tivedo campaign fee of 15-20% (applied on top of campaign budget)

Tivedo Agency Access

Tivedo Agency -

3-month subscription
20% in budget fee
  • Per month 3.495 kr.
  • 3-hour sign-on service
  • Onboarding 0 kr. (normally 9.995 kr.)

Tivedo Agency -

6-month subscription
17,5% in budget fee
  • Per month 3.495 kr.
  • 3- hour sign-on service
  • Onboarding 0 kr. (normally 9.995 kr.)

Tivedo Agency -

12-month subscription
15% in budget fee
  • Per month 3.495 kr.
  • 3-hour sign-on service
  • Onboarding 0 kr. (normally 9.995 kr.)

Included in the Agency subscription.

Onboarding (ensuring correct setup and system training).

One agency – many clients.

Access to/administration of:

  • Company setups
  • Company login (website) administration
  • Overview of orders across clients
  • Overview of invoices across clients
  • Campaign creation, editing, and copying
  • Campaign statistics
  • Order overview
  • Profile customization
  • Media archive for Display, Facebook, and LinkedIn
  • Reporting module (simple overview of activity per client)


System customization option like:

  • Custom display banner templates
  • Specific media websites in customer defined media packages
  • Own audience data applied to system from website and Facebook (retargeting)

Tivedo invoice.

  • A monthly subscription is paid for the upcoming 3, 6, or 12 months depending on signed agreement.
  • Tivedo fee ranges between 15-20%, depending on the agreement. Fee is added on top of the booked budget
  • Agency registers credit card information and the payments will be deducted automatically
  • The agency always has access to invoices and receives invoices after each payment.

Tivedo spend/fee model:

Tivedo invoices you weekly for the first 3 months. After this you will receive an invoice once per month after the 1st of the month. The invoice will include the spend (actual spend) for completed weeks or months across all active campaigns of the agency spit up per client. The Tivedo fee is calculated based on the spend of that particular month (based on the booked budget).


For your client x you have set the spend/fee to 80/20. This means that 80% of the booked budget will be spent.

In the just ended month there was a spend of DKK 8.000 which corresponds to a budget spend of 10.000 DKK (based on 80/20).

Tivedo’s fee is calculated based on the 10.000 DKK. If the fee is 15%, agency will receive an invoice of DKK 1.500.