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Tivedo is a unique digital campaign tool that makes your campaigns more effective, minimizes time consumption and increases ROI while ensuring compliance with the latest GDPR regulations


Tivedo Business

Are you responsible for your company’s digital campaigns?
Then Tivedo is the perfect tool for you.
With us you get a tool that makes your campaigns more effective, minimizes your time consumption, and increases ROI while ensuring compliance with the applicable GDPR.

If you want to achieve high targeting across relevant media channels combined with high data quality and conversion, Tivedo is the right digital marketing tool.

We understand that it is crucial when you need to create awareness about your company’s services or products or to increase brand awareness.


Tivedo Business Subscription

Subscription includes:

  • Full access to Tivedo Business through a digital campaign tool – first month for free
  • Customer service assistance
  • Access to chat support
  • Variable binding period
  • Tivedo campaign fee of 20% (deducted from the campaign budget)

Get access to Tivedo Business

With Tivedo Business access you always have a full overview of all your campaigns and can easily edit, copy, and create new campaigns across media channels. Additionally you can get an order overview, add user access, add logos, images, videos to your library, and much more.


Included in the Business subscription

Onboarding (ensuring correct setup and presentation of the system).

One client – multiple login profiles

Full access to:

  • Campaign creation, editing, and copying campaigns
  • Campaign statistics
  • Order overview
  • Profile customization
  • Media archive for Display, Facebook, and LinkedIn

Possibility for system customizations by agreement like:

  • Custom display banner templates
  • Selected media sites in media packages
  • Adding/enabling own audiences from website and Facebook (retargeting) for you to create campaigns upon

Tivedo Business Access

Tivedo Business - quarterly

3-month subscription
1.995 Subscription per month
  • Budget fee: 20%
  • 3-hour sign-on service
  • Onboarding 0 kr. (normally 2.995 kr.)

Tivedo Business - half-yearly

6-month subscription
1.795 Subscription per month
  • Budget fee: 20%
  • 3-hour sign-on service
  • Onboarding 0 kr. (normally 2.995 kr.)

Tivedo Business - annually

12-month subscription
1.495 Subscription per month
  • Budget fee: 20%
  • 3-hour sign-on service
  • Onboarding 0 kr. (normally 2.995 kr.)

Do you need help creating HTML5 banner ad packages?

As a Tivedo customer we offer to produce campaign materials for Display, LinkedIn, and Facebook for you. A package typically includes 4 HTML display banners + 1 campaign image that can be used for LinkedIn and Facebook. The materials are optimized, ensuring the banners work on all channels and domains and can be easily uploaded directly in Tivedo.
A standard package costs DKK 2,500 per set of banners.  Contact Tivedo for information – we would be glad to assist you.

What you see is what you get!

For Tivedo it is important that you as customer always understand exactly what your money is spend. Transparency is key for us.
As Tivedo customer you have full control over the amount you allocate to your campaign budget.

From the allocated budget Tivedo retains a fixed percentage of 20%. This percentage primarily covers costs associated with data acquisition, data renewal, development, and operations.

It is important to note that your statistical insights will be based on the complete budget amount.

Unlike many other agencies, which tend to separate acquisition costs and fees, we believe it is in your best interest as a customer to have a comprehensive understanding of precisely how your financial resources are allocated.

To be able to create campaigns you need to register and choose a subscription plan which varies in fee. It is worth mentioning that Tivedo offers flexible terms with no long-term commitments.

Tivedo campaign tool - CAMPAIGN PROCESS MADE EASY!

Tivedo payments

  • A monthly subscription is paid for the upcoming 3, 6, or 12 months depending on agreed subscription plan
  • Depending on the agreement the Tivedo campaign fee ranges between 15-20%. This fee is taken from the booked budget.
  • You will register credit card information and the payments will be deducted automatically based on contract terms.
  • You can  always access  invoices in Tivedo and will get an email after every payment

Tivedo fee:
Tivedo invoices you weekly for the first 3 months. After this payments will change to once every month after the 1st.

The payment will be based on used campaign budget for latest period. Tivedo fee of 20% is included.

Campaigns have been created with a budget of DKK 20.000. The actual used budget for the recently ended month was DKK 10.000 of which DKK 8.000 was allocated to actual campaign spend. The remaining DKK 2.000 represents the Tivedo fee. Invoice will sum up to DKK 10.000 (+ VAT).

Tivedo illustration

Alternative Payment Methods​

If you prefer not to receive weekly invoices from Tivedo during the first 3 months and after that monthly, you can pay via credit card or receive an invoice each time you create a campaign. This allows you to prepay for the campaign and potentially make material changes along the way.

Credit Card

You have the option to pay using a credit card. Payment with a credit card requires payment per campaign, and the payment will be for the total entered campaign amount.

You will receive an invoice only for the subscription plan.

There will be no deductions if the campaign is stopped before full budget is used. However you can always edit the campaign content (maybe change ad material).

Invoice per campaign

The company may also choose to receive an invoice per campaign.

The full campaign amount will be invoiced. The campaign content can be edited during the campaign period.

Payment deadline: 8 days

You will receive an invoice only for the subscription plan.

Contact Tivedo today and let us discuss the best possible solution for you and your company

Bureau Admin

Tivedo Agency Access

If you work at an agency or need to manage multiple clients, Tivedo offers access to an administration solution. Here you can create and manage your own clients, generate reports, create and edit campaigns, and view statistics across your clients.

Tivedo Business Focus

Tivedo focuses on satisfied customers and we have a high degree of service as a core value.
If your experience with Tivedo has not been optimal in terms of service and system usage we have failed. Therefore we always welcome feedback from you, positive or constructive, expressing your experiences with Tivedo.

We stand by our words and are happy to share the experiences of businesses that use Tivedo.

Please feel free to contact us to learn more.