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Target Groups

Access to over 275 unique target groups

We provide high targeting and retargeting across media channels based on geography, demographics, behavior, and interests. And we do it at competitive prices.

Tivedo aims to present target audiences in an easy and straightforward manner. At the same time it is important for us that you as a company feel confident in selecting target audiences through Tivedo. That is why we prioritize collaborating with the best data providers in the market.

The Tivedo audience data is built from:

  • First-party data, directly collected and packed into target audiences
  • IP addresses, public records and household cluster data
  • User surveys, analysis, and look-alikes
  • First-party data combined with predictions

Tivedo data is continuously optimized and refined. This means data is always up to date and of high quality. This is crucial when selling your company’s products/services or increasing brand awareness through branding.

Our target audiences are based on direct interviews and data enrichment through analysis, behavior, hard data, figures, and statistics from official registries combined with advanced residential cluster logic. This ensures the best possible option for reaching distinctive target audiences.


We have automated most of the process and ensured you will benefit most from your investment!

Access to over 275 unique target audience groups.

Search for words that match the target audience you want to reach or click on one of the categories such as ‘Family.’ You will find information on each target audience group by hovering the category and you can easily select and deselect target audiences.

In step 2 and 3 you choose media and geographic preferences. In step 4 the campaign ads are defined.

You can track the statistics online – register your company and gain access to a unique customer universe.

With just a few clicks your campaign is live!

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Ready to create your first campaign?

You can easily create your first campaign. With just a few clicks you are up and running. We have automated most of the process and ensured you get the maximum benefit from your investment!

Register your company today and start creating campaigns.

Tivedo offers businesses access to over 275 audience segments from Digiseg, Audience Project, and PriceRunner.

Advanced algorithms, neighbour cluster logic, public registries, and direct user responses through surveys ensures optimal data packages.

Through advanced mapping logic Tivedo ensures the most suitable target audiences are also reached on Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger.

LinkedIn audiences have also been mapped for business audiences and we provide access to an additional 150 LinkedIn audience segments.

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Missing some target audience groups?
We are happy to help!

Our ambition is to create the markets strongest digital marketing platform. Continuously updated according to consumer behavior and choice of target audiences. This is supported by up-to-date quality data enabling Tivedo to deliver value and visible results for our customers.

We continuously adapt Tivedo based on the specific demand in the market and we are happy to develop and create target audiences that precisely match your company.

So please feel free to reach out to us if you have any requests or suggestions for new target audiences that you would like to access through Tivedo. Click on “Book demo” for various contact options.