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Ensuring transparency is key for Tivedo which is also why we proudly presnet the  partners and data providers we work together with.

Tivedo only works with professional data providers nationally and internationally recognized for delivering high-quality data. Presented below is an overview of the current data providers supporting Tivedo. Empowering you, as a valued customer, to target your desired audience.

These data providers are carefully selected based on quality, security, and compliance with latest regulations. This ensures your security as a Tivedo customer.

Below you can find more information about our data providers and feel free to access their respective profiles for additional details.


Digiseg builds audience data for digital marketing. Audience data is not based on personal data and cookies and works on all devices, such as desktop, mobile, in-app, and video campaigns.

Digiseg has developed a solution to match digital devices with offline data (e.g., public records) and business information – free from cookies and personal data.

Offline data comes from national statistical agencies and other public sources. The data is not personally identifiable. This residential cluster logic varies in size from 100 to 500 households, ensuring differentiation of the population into meaningful and explanatory target groups, with the data foundation being from national registries.

Digiseg utilizes geo-location and knowledge about the physical infrastructure of the internet to connect digital activities to neighborhood characteristics.

Read how Digiseg explains the logic.

The Digiseg Methodology

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Audience Project

Leverage targeted advertising strategies based on authentic individual profiles to reach your most relevant customer segments. Our services are readily accessible across various channels and platforms, allowing you to execute your campaigns seamlessly.

With AudienceData, the era of generic and one-dimensional campaign targeting is a thing of the past. Our segments are built on real people that are versatile. 

Through our proprietary tech stack and data ecosystem, we ensure high performance and transparency in the data segments we provide. 

AudienceProject is a Danish technology-based research company comprising an international team of curious, intelligent, and creative team employees. We have sales offices in Denmark, Germany, England, and France. 


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PriceRunner obtains primary data by extracting relevant information from product and interest searches conducted by users.

The foundation of our data primarily relies on individuals actively seeking to purchase specific products or services in the present or near future.

PriceRunner, the leading comparison service in Denmark, attracts a monthly user base of 18.2 million across multiple countries, with a comprehensive platform comprising 1.8 million products and encompassing over 9,000 stores, where price and offer comparisons are facilitated.

Our data is meticulously segmented into 15 key categories and incorporates the evaluation of more than 1300 products across 150 different categories.

Established in 1999, PriceRunner predominantly operates in Denmark, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.

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Data mapning

Tivedo ensures that display audiences are optimized to align seamlessly with corresponding Facebook and LinkedIn audiences. This process occurs automatically, guaranteeing a smooth and straightforward campaign creation process.

LinkedIn primarily caters to more business-oriented audiences, so we have categorized audiences solely under the “business” category. However, during campaign creation, you can select over 150 additional LinkedIn audiences from categories such as “Industries,” “Seniority,” and “Job functions.”

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